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The harbour restoration programme is committed to supporting environmental, cultural and social aspirations for the harbour alongside the needs of a working port.

The success of the programme depends on involvement and input from the local community – the people who live around the harbour and the people who work and play there.

Please let us know what you think by sending us a message and help us frame a programme that will meet the community’s needs.

Although the catalyst for the Whakaraupō/ Lyttelton Harbour Catchment Management Plan partnership was the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan, the local community has been talking about restoration of the harbour environment for some years. We recognise that there are many grassroots initiatives that are already happening at the community level and would like to acknowledge these in the Plan and provide support.
Let us know what you are doing, how you would like to be involved and where you would like to see your harbour in the years to come.
Peter Langlands / WILD CAPTURE