Rocky outcrops and indigenous forests

The rocky outcrops and indigenous forests spread from the summits of the Port Hills to the gully heads of the Te Ahu Pātiki/Mt Herbert area. They’re populated by a number of important species including the kāhu/harrier hawk, the pipit, copper butterfly, and kārearea/falcon.

These outcrops also host a rich diversity of native plants and grasses, including threatened endemic species such as the Lyttelton rock daisy. However, weeds such as gorse and bone seed are common and are leading to reduced habitat for native birds, reptiles, and insects.

The Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbour plan is developing a programme to target erosion and sedimentation to combat the lack of indigenous terrestrial biodiversity.

It also focuses on identifying and managing key pollution sources and contaminants – leading to the development of a biodiversity plan to guide habitat restoration and planting.

Download the plan

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